About Social Media Management Services (Services Resume and Profile)

I am Ignacio del Villar Fernandez , a commercial offline and Social Media Expert Manager. Here you will find detailed information about My Social Media Management ,social Media news, updates and other info related to Social Media Management.

Management Services Resume:

Ignacio del Villar Fernandez
Social Media Manager Expert

I set up your social media accounts ,post regularly for clients,
updating your content,optimazing your social media marketing.

Great expertise and skills in managing Social Media accounts in different platforms
for clients.

Get your goal (set up,post,management…) done right and accurately.
High performance and you can order and get your desired goal with confidence,
I will deliver what you ask for.

*Social Media expertise
*Management of your Social Media accounts for you
*Set up of Social Media accounts
*Marketing for you in your Social Media
*Posting for you
and mostly anything you need done in your Social Media accounts.

**I Started like 9 years ago with Social Media,
improving my skills and appearance while learning its use ,utilities
and focusing on how to optimizate for my marketing as well as for my clients
needs and marketing later,
having a key expertise now to manage your Social Media accounts.

Get your desired Social Media goal or need done eficiently,
knowing that I will deliver,you can be confident that nobody waste your time
or just “trying” it…
Get in contact with me to get it done right

email: intuitiveyear4@gmail.com
Skype: tl2a1pvi